DIY hyacinth from egg box

Are you looking for Easter or spring craft ideas? We will give you some examples on this site, in this case a DIY hyacinth made from an egg box. Easy and fun, made from materials you probably have available already. This craft idea can also be made for Mother’s day.  Click here for more craft ideas about spring.

The Netherlands is known from it’s tulips and other flowers. To see what colors the hyacinth exist we did a hyacinth colour search for you on the web. We hope this helps to decide what colours you are going to use.

Spring craft ideas? This is how to:

  • Keep some empty egg boxes. We used a round shaped egg box, in this case the flower cups will become nice and round. If you use square egg boxes, that’s also fine, but the flower cups will get open edges. That’s not a real problem just glue the open edges together so the flower becomes one.
  • Use a scissors to cut the egg box and separate the cups from each other. Cut as many cups you need for the flower. Less cups is a small flower, more cups is a larger flower. We used 5 cups, because our egg box contained exactly 5 closed flower cups.
  • Colour the cups with some paint, use the colours from a Hyacinth. For example pink or blue, but use your imagination. The more colours the more colourful.
  • Take a piece of green cardboard from which you cut the leaves of the hyacinth. Glue the leaves and a larger white cardboard.
  • Last but not least. After the egg cups are dry, glue them on the white cardboard to complete this beautiful Spring craft ideas!

TIP: For extra flair you can use a different kind of colour for every flower cup, this will become your imaginary hyacinth. If you want it to smell real, ask mummy or daddy for her or his perfume bottle.

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